Blue Flags 2022, here are the Italian destinations with the clearest sea and the best services

In the 36th edition of Bandiere Bluthe recognition awarded by the Danish NGO Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education) to the best seaside resorts, Italy can only smile. Compared to 2021, in fact, the number of Italian municipalities with beaches with quality services has increased to 210 units: with 14 new registrations and 5 exits from the list.

Pietrasanta in Tuscany – photo source: via

An important award given based on 32 very criteria detailed and updated from year to year. In fact, a crystal clear sea is not enough to enter this famous ranking, but you also need an offer of quality services. And since summer is approaching, we thought that between the shores of the Blue Flags there could be the ideal one for your next high school graduation trip!

Blue Flags 2022: Liguria leads the rankings of Italy

Liguria is the first region with award-winning beaches: there are 32 locations. Instead there are 18 municipalities awarded for Campania, Tuscany and Puglia. The south conquers the summit thanks to the 17 award-winning beaches in Calabria, at the same level as the Marche. Sardinia followed with 15 locations and the Abruzzo rising to the 14 Blue Flags. Lazio who lost Ventotene, falls in 10 locations, such as Trentino-Alto Adige. Next is Emilia-Romagna, awarded with 9 blue flags, and Basilicata with five. The last five places are finally occupied by Piedmont (3), Friuli Venezia-Giulia (2), Molise and Lombardy (1).

Award-winning seaside resorts: what are the new entries?

There is a lot of Italian news in the 2022 ranking of Blue Flags. Locations that offer vacationers a 360 degree experience, enriched by high quality services. Let’s talk for example about the Spanish site in Campania, but also Pietrasanta in Tuscany. The south is confirmed as an ideal place for swimming, ranking the municipalities of Castro, Rodi Garganico and Ugento for Puglia. and Caulonia sites and Isola di Capo Rizzuto in Calabria. Just as Sardinia reaches the fifteen locations awarded the Blue Flags at the entrance of the municipality of Budoni. An innovation in Sicily where Furci Siculo is located was awarded for the first time.

Going up to central ItalyPorto Recanati was awarded for Marche and Alba Adriatica for Abruzzo. Instead, they enter Emilia-Romagna in the ranking of both Riccione and San Mauro Pascoli. And if Lazio sees Ventotene was removed from the ratingPiedmont can smile with Cannobio on Lake Maggiore even that conquer 3 flags.

Blue Flags 2022: the beaches of the award-winning municipalities will make your graduation trip unforgettable

In the final, we are talking about 210 municipalities and 427 award-winning beaches. It all starts when the municipalities, with full autonomy, submit to the FEE the report for the analyzes concerning their bathing waters. The data are provided based on the results of the analyzes performed, the last four years, by the regional bodies for the protection of the environment in the framework of the national monitoring program carried out by the Ministry of Health. To this data must then be added another 32 parameters inherent in land management and environmental education. In practice, what has been done by the administrations for the protection of the environment is verified and sustainable tourism.

In detail, the indicators range from existence to the functionality of the cleaning facilities the percentage of sewer connections until waste management, passing on the initiatives promoted by the administrations for better sustainability during the summer period. And it does not end there: special attention has also been paid to strengthening naturalistic areas present in the territory, in the care of street and beach furniture and access to the sea for all without restrictions. In a few words, the sites we talked about represent excellence of the Italian coast with unparalleled supply throughout the country. What are you waiting for? See your trip to Maturity 2022!

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