The bicycle and the shovel. Traveling like Hermann Buhl. The summary

Maybe a movie for professionals and even more so for those who live and know these places, but nonetheless, sometimes, it can be exciting. In the dining room from today.

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The idea for the film was born out of a desire to follow in the footsteps of Hermann Buhl, an Austrian climber, about seventy years ago on his bicycle to the top of Mount Badile. The challenge of the climber, to such a difficult person and a recognized symbol for climbers in Val Bregaglia, on the border with Switzerland, becomes a pretext for the two directors to follow these paths after the pandemic, replacing the need for bicycles, necessary means of transportation for Buhl, an option for sustainable mountaineering. The thread that connects the events, which follow each other in the film, are the stories of Bruhl’s daughter, who uses her father’s photos and thoughts to look back on those years and those businesses in the shadow of the beautiful and menacing Shovel.



The intention of the two authors is therefore to tell through the stories of Maurizio Panseri and Marco Cardullo, who follow the same paths on two wheels, a character, Hermann Buhl, but also an environment, that of the mountain, and therefore a passion. , that of mountaineering, but also to give the viewer the human profile of those who love the mountains for work or study or for both. Perhaps all of this, though commendable, is a bit of an exaggeration for a movie that must necessarily be included in the 90-minute run. Thus the original intentions are scattered, the information is often overlapped without information and the passion for the mountains and the scenarios of incomparable beauty that follow one another is a memory that remains in the memory of the viewer even a little confused by the good, but exaggerated, in in relation to the container, intentions that the film should, instead, develop with flat devotion. Unfortunately, in this passage through the mountains and through ferratas, the figure of Buhl is lost, who we still do not know why he is such an important figure for the local climbers, history unfortunately, in this agony to let us enter a lot , yes in fact, it spreads in the streams of other stories that follow each other and touch, from the point of view, small or relative events that have marked the valley and its inhabitants. The dramatic landslide of Mount Cengalo, for example, an episode that has remained in the memory of those who live and love those places or the experiences of Renata Rossi, the first woman in Italy to become a mountain guide, with her energy and humanity connected with a long experience and knowledge of the mountains.

With this tendency in which narratives and ideas multiply without being able to convey this information in a single direction, The bicycle and the shovel is in danger of becoming a film for professionals, it is not surprising that it is also produced with the contribution of the Italian Alps Club or for those who live in these places knowing them well. At the same time, the danger is that the film will become extraterrestrial and not too comprehensive for those who are far from these two conditions, although in its development it knows how to arouse interest in the knowledge of events and the environment for those who love the mountains. and his stories.

The intentions of the two mountaineering directors, who gave us a taste of the mountain epic and the constant and changing challenge of mountaineering with its multiple stories and characters who live in the shadow of the peaks, with their obviously passionate story despite everything , manage to excite.

Directed by: Maurizio Panseri and Alberto Valtellina
Distribution: Productions Alberto Valtellina
Duration: 83 ‘
Origin: Italy, 2022

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