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Toy accessories, computer accessories and computer accessories for gifts

I have laptop accessories useful and state-of-the-art is essential for tech lovers and game lovers alike. Whether you use a laptop for work or play, for streaming video or for online lessons, it is important to have optimal connection at all times And accessories that simplify the actions to be done on our computer.

What are the toy accessories, computer accessories and useful computer accessories that can not be missing from our office or from our study?

Portable external hard drive WD Elements

WD 2TB Elements Portable, Portable external hard drive, USB 3.0


To make room for the memory of a laptop or desktop computer an external hard drive is the perfect solution. That’s his WD data is small and compact, but inside the space is practically infinite, with its own two Terabyte of memory.

The hard drive is equipped with USB 3.0 but it is also compatible with USB 2.0 devices and allows extremely fast data transfers and connectivity to any device. It is already compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 operating systems, and may need to be reconfigured to work with other systems.

Hard disks with lower memory, with minimal, are also available in the same series 500 GBand even bigger, up 5 Terabyte.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite + S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite + S Pen, Tablet, Screen 10.4


Among the useful computer accessories, especially for those who work with a desktop computer, p tablets are essential elements. They are more practical and manageable than laptops and they let you always have important work documents with you and work on business trips or events. They are also ideal for taking online lessons and taking notes in complete comfort.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite It is effective and guarantees high performance and in addition is combined with the practical S Pen, which allows you to take notes and work on the tablet like a sheet of paper.

The tablet has an extremely compact and functional metal frame, has a 10-inch TFT maxi screen and Android 11. It is a fast product, with 64 GB ROM and expandable memory up to 1 TB. There The S Pen works like a penwith pressure sensor and different ways of use, as well as the magnetic support with which it rests on the tablet allows you to never lose it from your eyes.

Acer NB + Wireless Mouse laptop bag

Acer NB Bag 15.6 Starter Kit 2.Gen. including RF2.4 Wireless Optical Mouse Black 2.Gen.


One of the most useful laptop accessories of all is undoubtedly the bag to always have your laptop with you and avoid scratches or damage.

There The Acer NB laptop bag is light and functional, it is equipped with both a shoulder strap and a handle to carry it in the hand and has inner and outer pockets to organize documents and always have available everything you need for work or study.

Its dimensions are 43.6 x 31 x 6.2 cm and it is perfect for a laptop up to 15 inchesIt is part of a kit and comes with the bag a wireless mouse.

Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard with Opto-Mechanical keys

Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard with Optical-Mechanical Key, US / Linear Switch, Black


For all gaming lovers the perfect gift is Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard, an ornament of toy accessories. It is equipped with three multimedia keys30% faster than the classic keys, side by side with a multifunction wheel.

The Razer Huntsman keyboard is also equipped with adjustable multicolored backlightprogrammable via Razer Synapse 3, side bars for key stabilization and comfortable lined wrist braceto ensure maximum comfort while playing.

Linksys Whw0303 Velop Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System

Linksys Whw0303 Velop Whole Home Tri-Band Mesh Wifi System, Ac2200 Wifi Router / Range Extender for full coverage, Coverage up to 525sqm, Household Filter, Package 3, White


During the holiday season the whole family is at home it is essential to Internet connection is effective in all rooms and for all electronic devices, without the stress of manually switching between networks.

The system Linksys Tri-Band Wifi Mesh allows total Wifi coverage, up to 525 m2, with maximum speed and the best flow and reception quality, all in a single network and with a single password.

This is due to the wifi 5 network, compatible with all internet service providers, and Velop Intelligent Mesh technology, which adapts to the needs for an uninterrupted wireless network anywhere in the home. There The wifi network can be managed through the exclusive applicationwhich guarantees high standards of internet security.

Gigabyte V2 graphics card

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 D6 – V2, 6 GB graphics card


There Gigabyte graphics card with graphics co-processor The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 D6 offers good performance with RTX enabled in Full HD and is a must-have accessory for PC and gaming for all tech lovers.

The card has one 6 GB dedicated graphics memoryprocessor frequency at 1680 MHz and is equipped with two fans for cooling.

EZbook S5 Jumper

Jumper Pc Portable 14 Inch FHD, 12GB DDR4, 256GB SSD Notebook (Italian keyboard membrane, Windows 10, Intel Celeron N4020, Dual Band WiFi, HDMI) Supports TF card expansion 256 GB


If instead of laptop accessories we need a real laptop, an option with excellent value for money is the Jumper EZbook S5 Laptopwith 14 inch Full HD screen and 12 Gb RAM and 256 GB SSD.

The processor is a Intel Celeron N4020the operating system is Windows 10 and supports 256 GB TF card expansion.

The laptop comes with one multilingual membrane keyboard and is practical and lightweight, comfortable to use in any occasion.

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