World Bee Day, Colussi kicks off again with Casa dei Fiori

On the occasion of the event dedicated to bees on May 20, the historical brand proposes an ancient idea that looks to the future through the commitment to sustainability to deal with the severe crisis of the economy and especially agriculture. Milan, Bologna and Rome are the cities selected for the project

Respect nature and the environment from an early age. Thus was born “La casa dei fiori Colussi”, the new environmental project that will create three gardens in three Italian cities, namely Milan, Rome and Bologna, to encourage the recovery of green areas and eruptions of biodiversity. An initiative launched around World Bee Day on May 20th.



Between energy and biodiversity, the working world of bees

With the participation of three hundred students from seven primary and lower secondary schools, accompanied by their teachers, oases with trees, shrubs and plants such as broom, lavender, strawberry and lily of the valley will be created, selected to attract various species and attract such as bees, butterflies, bees. Boys and girls will be given 300 seedlings and 300 bags of plant and wild flower seeds, specially designed to attract pollinators and create real ones. oasis of biodiversity “to be cultivated on balconies and in gardens. Finally, every school that will participate in the initiative will be given gardening kits to put into practice what they learned during the event.

The reasons behind the project


World Bee Day: when and why it was established

Born in 1971, Colussi, one of the most well-known and oldest brands in the Italian food industry, is always involved in combining tradition and innovation for sustainability, but also with important industrial choices summarized in recyclable packaging, 100% energy from renewables sources, only Italian wheat in cookies and dry biscuits and emissions compensation. So priority in the environment. Because? Here is an example: to make a cookie you need a flower. Because flowers are the home of pollinating insects on which more than 75% of agricultural crops depend., equal to a value of approx 15 billion euros in Europe and about 3 in Italy. However, the population of bees and butterflies is currently declining in Europe and is about one third of the total population at risk due to pesticides, habitat loss, monocultures, pests, diseases and climate change. Hence the idea behind this project.

“In the imagination, the Italian gastronomic tradition has innate values ​​of good and healthy food produced from quality agriculture, in harmony with the environment and the region – explains Massimo Crippa, Commercial Director of the Colussi Group – Concepts that tell us about the history of our country , but which are also very relevant and modern because of course they are declining with strategic choices towards sustainability “.

The appointments of “La Casa dei Fiori Colussi”


World Bee Day: this is how we work to save them

Following the first phase of the national campaign, which took place in Segantini Park in Milan,other events will take place in Rome, on June 1 in the Pineto regional regional park and in Bologna, in the blood donor park in the Bolognina region. The green interventions will be carried out in collaboration with the technical partner AzzeroCo2. “We at AzzeroC O2 we are constantly working to contribute to the restoration and preservation of the biodiversity heritage of the area – he says Annalisa Corrado, Responsible for innovative projects of AzzeroCO2 “The ‘Casa dei Fiori’ project, which sees us next to Colussi, well expresses this commitment and strengthens respect for the environment in which we live and the importance of protecting it to the younger generations.”

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