Time travel and beauty at the Patria Palace in Lecce

largeelegant and proud image of Patria Palace was born in the 18th century, when the Marquises of Anna Petrarolo chose the center of Lecce and the style of Mauro Manieri., among the architects who contributed to some of the most beautiful Baroque works in Puglia, to build their mansion. This is where the palace was born, in Piazzetta Riccardi, where it is reflected in the most magnificent of the Baroque works of the city, the Basilica of Santa Croce, and today wonderful 5 star hotel.

A hotel with unique charm

History of a building that became a hotel

After the death of the owners, the building passed to the municipality and after various adversities was donated to a religious order that made it an orphanage. In 1850 a businessman from Bari, Giacomo Gridi, bought the building and turned it into an inn.is called the first of the city. In 1861 the building underwent a remarkable expansion, which brought it to its current building cohesion.. In fact, the second floor was built by order of the Gridis family, a fact that led to the expansion of the number of rooms. To seal this fascinating historical period of the Unification of Italy (1861) Grindy turned the “Locanda” into the first hotel in the city called the Hotel Patria. Patria Touring will take place later.

In 1994 the building was acquired by a Bari businessman, Daniele De Gennaro. Bari architect Gaetano Mossa has been commissioned to redesign the new Patria Palace Hotel. After three years of active but respectful restoration work by artists and craftsmen, the Patria Palace reopened its doors in 1997. The refurbished hotel entered the upscale Luxury Collection chain of the Starwood Hotel and Resort, becoming the first 5-star hotel in Puglia. .

A journey through time and art

Inside, the palace is enriched with frescoes and decorative elements in Art-Deco style. Getting into it is like traveling through time. The paintings, the architectural stone and wood fences of Lecce and the ornate hand-painted ceiling – reminiscent of the luxurious skylight of the nearby Basilica of S. Croce – contribute to an elegant and welcoming atmosphere in which the classic and the modern, combined with harmony and style. A marble staircase, tied by supervision, goes up to the second floor illuminated by a beautiful hand-painted glass ceiling with floral motifs.

Each of the rooms and suites, each with its own peculiarities and special features, is personalized by murals by John Duggan, an American artist and architect., who moved to Italy for more than 30 years and is a master of trompe-l’oeil murals. During one of his visits to Lecce, he fell in love with it by opening an art studio right next to the Patria Palace Hotel.

Attention to detail

From 1994-97 until today, the intervention options for the renovation of spaces and interiors in the Patria Palace Hotel have been conceived with full respect for the historical-architectural values ​​of the building and are made through a reinterpretation and reinvention of the image. of the old Patria Hotel, held at a thread of memory between past and present, classicism and modernity and a strict essentialitysuggested by the reassuring geometry of Art Deco, in the characteristic figure that accompanies the choice of furniture.

After the latest renovation, curated by designer Mina Ignazi from Bari, Palazzo’s authentic elegance is enhanced by the refined aesthetic balance between the furniture design of the first renovation (that of the ’90s) – such as Giorgetti D Lighting Furniture made of Murano glass by Giuseppe Righetto for Artemide and the Venini chandelier in the lobby made into an exclusive project for the Patria Palace Hotel so that it had two more arms than the one usually on the market – with modern design elements – such as Poliform and Rimadesio furniture, Floss lamps and elegant Mipa grits – and again, near-completion works of art that will enrich the room and were created exclusively for the Patria Palace Hotel by artist Lecce Pierpaolo Gaballo.

In the kitchen all over Salento

The restaurant is also the jewel in the crown. Here, the authentic flavors of Salento cuisine, reinterpreted with elegance and creativity by chef Ivan Brunofinds maximum expression in the refined proposals of the Atenze restaurant menu.

On summer evenings, Atenze moves to a reserved location on the terraceto offer a dining experience under the stars, overlooking Santa Croce.

Do not miss it indoor lounge barwhere you can take a quick break for a typical Lecce coffee and get lost in the view of the Basilica with a direct view of Piazzetta Riccardi

Patria Palace Hotel
Piazzetta Gabriele Riccardi 13 – 73100 Letche
Tel. 0832 245111

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