walking is done first

In each step a construction site. The foot is alert on the brake pedal, the eyes are fixed Roadto follow the bus of cars, of course, but also before that of the signs that follow each other that announce works of all kinds: reconstruction of the asphalt, design of the road construction, replacement of the protective railing. And goodbye, some would say, that you are worried about having better, safer roads, staying a summer which very often, for years, fills its news pages accidents Every kind. But is it really impossible to plan some projects so as not to get in the way of the frenetic and overwhelming summer road system? Because the problem is repeated every year, every time June goes off the calendar, to a point that has become almost funny: the Apulia of the sun, the sea (when you get there, given the traffic) and construction sites. Somehow, just as comical if not tragic, to see the asphalt being rebuilt in the city – anyone in this part of the world – is enough to say “Finally” and helpless to witness a new “cut” and patch for work, today necessary for the installation of extremely fast fiber, tomorrow for the maintenance of the Enel or Aqueduct networks. So he was always here, with all due respect to those who live there and to those who come there, for a handful of days, to spend their holidays there.


Putting yourself in the shoes of a tourist or suburban worker who is forced to use his car to get to the office – public trains and buses deserve a separate chapter in this far from divine comedy – means, for example, taking him state road 16 and stay there for an indefinite number of hours moving at a snail pace. The asphalt tongue from the north Birds leading to Lecce will become, in the coming years, a road with “motorway characteristics”: the Region intends to use EUR 250 million to improve the practicality of the “spine” that innervates Puglia by connecting the provincesthe jewel of the province of Bari, south of the Valle d’Itria, looks at Taranto not far away and, shrinking, sinks into Salento.
Today the situation 16 However, it looks much more like a circle of Dante’s hell. As one might already have guessed at the end of April 25th – first general rehearsal for next summer- June 2, which has opened a large bridge to date, there have been those who have taken more than three hours to travel 30 kilometers. A single active lane for more than three kilometers of pavement to allow workers to replace – as part of a € 250 million Anas project – the central and side guardrails to rebuild signage, lighting and asphalt. The inconveniences and the protests pushed the municipal councilor for regional transport, Anita Mavrodinoia to take care of yourself Αναςcalling for the immediate completion of the work or the appropriate suspension, while among the MPs of Puglia there are those who invited Minister Enrico Giovannini, a few days in Puglia, to reach us by car to check the situation first hand.

The accident

To make matters worse yesterday, there was an accident – fortunately not serious – which further slowed down traffic in the area around Bari, where the flow of motor vehicles is already very high on weekdays. A truck broke down at the Carrassi-Carbonara junction in the Bari Sud area. Local police agents and Anas staff have been working on site for a long time to restore traffic. And between accidents and construction sites, using the car to travel to Puglia turns out to be the wrong choice, very wrong, but it is the only one that is accessible to most people today.
The replacement of the guardrail is underway along the road that connects Lecce with Magli and, from here, leads to Leuca, another popular destination for Italian and foreign tourists. And motorists should point this out: there will be a stop no earlier than June 20, and then it will happen again – in the hope that construction sites will not remain “suspended” as they did, for several summers, along the Lecce – San Cataldo – and work will resume in September.
The same problem on the 101 freeway that connects Let’s say to Gallipoli, undisputed queen of youth tourism. Leaving the Baroque city behind, after just a few kilometers, you come across the first construction site, almost complete: and in this case, an old and dangerous guardrail is replaced, as it should be. But even this time the construction times coincide perfectly with the period of the greatest influx of cars along the highway, often the site of accidents and even fatalities. And the subdivision of the construction site into small plots is fine, so that the traffic is not obstructed and greater security is ensured – as was established at a prefectural meeting last autumn, together with the police – but why not anticipate a few months? It is not known, just to browse the international magazines with surprise that elsewhere, in other countries of the world such as Japan or nearby Spain, people work at night and very early in the morning just because it is considered unthinkable they hinder the viability of public spaces. during the day. Other planets, more than other countries.
Moving a little further north from Lecce to Brindisi, the music does not change: construction sites have started and in the opening phase also affect State Road 613, with delays along the entire artery, especially during peak hours on weekends and weekends when moving. from towns to resorts along the coast. The sea, beautiful from Vieste to Salento, and the coveted and worthy of rest, dear vacationers, go sweaty. One meter after another. And the hands from the horn.

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