Trip to the Bistrot in Forte dei Marmi, the heart of the Vaiani family’s taste

THEBistrot, Vaiani, was born in the 1990sbut the story of Piero Vaiani and his wife Nadia Viacava, parents of Marco and David of the current ownerswas born in the seventies at the Tre Stelle restaurant in the center of Forte dei Marmi. From a traditional trattoria Piero begins his story of excellent fish quality and excellent hospitality. The second born is the Osteria del Mare In the early 2000s, as the name suggests, a traditional seafood restaurant, then it’s his turn. of Fratellini with aperitifs, sushi and cuisine with ethnic influences. He was born in 2015 Shack fish – market and kitchen – an idea that accommodates in its structure a fish counter for both external customers and for those who eat in the restaurant and choose the fish of the day and cook it as they prefer, a counter with delicacies, a place dedicated to street food and the fish tavern.

The last born is Terrace with fisha terrace above Pesce Baracca right on the pier of Forte dei Marmi, the idea of ​​a tapas bar, after cocktails, wine bar, cuisine that offers dishes in half portions with the fish obviously dominating.

The whole “system” is supported by Vaiani Farm, 5 hectares in San Quirico di Moriano at the gates of Luke. Olives from which the oil is produced with the classic Tuscan olives: frantoio, leccino, moraiolo and cultivation of vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs. And after the headquarters, or the Bistrot of which Andrea Mattei is Executive cheflike all other activities from 2019.

The Bistrot

The bistro meets the wines of Barone Pizzini

Our experience preceded his reception Antonella Paternoster consumed on a double track. Classic Menu and Natural Menu. All accompanied by the wines of Barone Pizzini, kindly available for the occasion. Out of stock The dazzling roundabout of Amouse Bouche (Welcome Crackers from trentoline and laurel corn, zucchini in dolce forte with dehydrated vegetables, cherry tomatoes marinated in vinegar from pine bark and g crunchy shrimp fascina and green beans, Citrus and amberjack croquette). Wow !!!

The wines of Barone Pizzini NO PHOTO Trip to the Bistrot in Forte dei Marmi, the heart of the Vaiani family's taste

The wines of Barone Pizzini

We start in the first menu with Il Raw fish, shellfish and seafood, from local fish and light marinating. Saline shock that captures the palate and in the second with Egg from our farm, green beans, hay vinegar, final sanctification of the possibilities of a “simple” egg. Accompanied by a very good Nature Edition 2016. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Grapes Intense and shiny straw yellow color with inexhaustible effervescence. Expresses strong hints of white peach, pear, golden apple and cedar on the nose. Then floral presences from privet, vanilla, cardamom and again blonde tobacco and dry pastries. Soft and surrounding sip thanks to the effervescence with decisive freshness and subtle sweetness. Obsession of perfect consistency.

To follow the first path Spaghetti with shrimp, tomato cooked in the woods, fennel, an admirable combination of flavors and contrasts between elements of extraction (shellfish), garnish (cherry tomatoes), marinade (shrimp) and fermentation (the mysterious ingredient or plum powder). And what about the Montecarlo Fettuccine “A Paracucchi”, broad beans, tomato bottarga. Dedicated to a great teacher like Paracucchi who had the pinnacle of his success not far from this field. Montecarlo because this pasta was made for the Red Cross banquet in Montecarlo. During the processing of the pasta, the specific form was born and hence the name. Here we play with reductions and consistency. Andrea refreshes the memory of a myth with a painful reinterpretation that looks back to be projected into a future that is now. Dishes with which Saten 2016 dances to perfection. All Chardonnay grapes. Brilliant straw yellow. Sophisticated and generous effervescence. Complex bouquet. Tilia, thyme, white peach, pineapple and yellow melon, evolve into notes of toast and pastry. Fresh and discreet in the mouth, it becomes more graceful than a pleasant touch of vanilla at the end.

Third dish on the menu is Classic Kalkani alla Mugnaia, peas, dried tomatoes, olives, where the decisive impetus to the cream of peas and whole peas comes from the acidity of a centrifugal rhubarb machine, from the roasted lemon sauce and from a cucumber bruise, dried tomatoes, olives, olives and peppermint. Pure imagination in the service of raw materials. While for the menu, of course, are artichokes, cooked in clay, incense and vegetable sauce. The added mortar, seaweed, artichoke cream and citrus compote leave pleasantly disappointed for how can a simple vegetable be enhanced when creativity meets technique. And the fact that it opens in front of the customer makes it even more special. What a better deal than Rosè 2016. From Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. It is a bright cherry with lively and refined perlage. On the nose, recognitions from vines, medlars and strawberries, flowers of aromatic herbs, rosemary and oregano, pink pepper. Freshness and softness in excellent proportions. Velvety on the palate with soft fruity returns.

For the sweet side we have on the one hand “Il Religioso al Caffè”, coffee, citrus fruits and vanilla bignet, a tasty tribute to a large classic French Haute Patisserie. sponsored by Andrea & Andrea Il Fattore and the chef, a dessert dedicated to our farm μ mascarpone cream, red fruits, aromatic herbs, “Terra” dessert with cocoa beans. A choreographic and cute ending. Two unplanned combinations. Two goodies he suggests well-trained sommelier Nicola Musetti with director Pasquale Cagnazzo in the dining room, as an accompaniment to desserts. The Barolo Chinato Ceretto. Solid garnet with light orange highlights. The nose is an emotion with medicinal herbs, cinchona, rhubarb root and gentian, which leave room for plums soaked in alcohol. Spicy notes of nutmeg and juniper berries again, and then close with tamarind and bitter cocoa. There are endless sweet and bitter sensations in the palate. Warm, silky soft and moderate sweetness, is completed with strong and persistent bitter traces. The ancient recipe starts with the base wine to which alcohol, spices and other herbs are skillfully added, obviously top secret. Ideal for religious people. Marsala Vito Curatolo Arini 5 years sweet. Among the aspects of the amber color an intense brightness seems to warm the wine, Aristocratic but not wonderful on the nose. He likes to appreciate the shades of slightly withered white flowers, a pile of aromatic herbs interwoven with spices of a big bazaar. The fruit visible on the nose, is suggested with identifications of dried apricot, raisin, roasted almonds, roasted chestnuts. The aromatic tour ends with caramel and infusions of dark tea, honey and blonde tobacco. Elegant, warm sip, characterized by subtle sweetness and lively acidity. The taste balance is good, the persistence is prolonged. Ideal for Andrea & Andrea.

Luna Park is closing. We are on the last ride of the carousel. Do I really have to go down?

Via Achille Franceschi 14, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU
Tel. 0584 89879

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