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With perfect timing, as the Kremlin begins to cut off gas to Europe and the outcome of the war in Ukraine is at stake, Aleksei Navalny’s team and journalists from the independent news site Proekt publish a lengthy investigation into Gazprom CEO Aleksei Miller. who became a millionaire thanks to the funds he stole all these years from the Russian gas giant, but above all he was the coordinator of a wealth distribution center intended for the Russian President, his tribe, his friends and the projects that can to support goals such as sponsoring a football team in Germany or rebuilding a church in Serbia.

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Gazprom has been Vladimir Putin’s obsession since 1999, when he was offered the presidency, recall researchers who specialize in uncovering assets from corruption in Russia, citing memories of his then-mentor Boris Berezovsky. A black and white machine that has been run by the same person since 2001, Miller, a former Putin aide who headed the St. Petersburg Commission on International Economic Relations, has been sanctioned by the United States. The states, the Gb, but not the EU, has become “one of the richest people in the world”, with assets equivalent to three billion dollars in the name of two former agents of the Services. “Gazprom is not doing business. He never had and never had the duty to be profitable and to make a profit. “Gazprom exists to give money, to enrich contractors, Putin’s friends,” said Maria Pevchikh, head of the Navalny Foundation’s anti-corruption investigation, in a video showing the results of the investigation. “To make a profit from a company you do not have to be a shareholder and owner, you have to control financial flows,” he added, citing the results of other research.

NATO announces:

With Putin’s appointment as president, Alexei Miller becomes the first deputy energy minister and a few months later takes over the leadership of Gazprom. Among his actions is the sale at ridiculous prices of activities considered “non-critical” by the company, such as construction companies, sold to Putin’s childhood friend Arkady Rotenberg, who in 2019 resold them to Gazprom at ten times the price (from 8 billion rubles with which they were bought in 2008 at 75). Similar cases involved Gennadi Timchenko, Alisher Usmanov, Roman Abramovich, who later paid Putin to contribute to the construction of the Black Sea Palace and other properties. The same plan used to finance Putin’s construction of real estate, focusing on Jordanian businessman Ziyad Manasir, founder and former CEO of Gazprom’s contractor Stroigazconsulting – sold in 2015 to Gazprombak and his own companies Miller – has been utilized. to build a first villa for Miller, a 3,000-square-foot property, a 15-acre park worth $ 70 million. A property, called Millerhof, near Moscow, where the owner of Gazprom did not live, due to disagreements over its construction, and which was later borrowed as a backdrop for TV reality shows. A second 8,500,000-square-foot home was built for Miller in Greenfield’s exclusive $ 240 million residential neighborhood.

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