Travel to the lands of Koustoza to discover a unique wine

HEY.ici Custoza and think of many things. In the wars of independence of the Italian Risorgimento, in broccoli, in tortellini from Valeggio (Vr), in sfogliatine from Villafranca (Vr). But also -and mainly- in wine. Custoza is a country with gentle hills that connect beautiful Verona with Lake Gardaand includes the municipalities of Sommacampagna, Sona, Valeggio sul Mincio, Villafranca di Verona, Lazise, ​​Peschiera del Garda, Castelnuovo del Garda, Bussolengo and Pastrengo.

Terre del Custoza is an area located in the Moraine Hills southeast of Lake Garda

Territory with high viticultural activity, where the Custoza wine is born, the real, great jewel of this region. Custoza Doc wine has ancient origins, handed down to new generations by the passion of those who want to express the atmosphere and charm of a unique land with gratitude and respect. To characterize the production area of ​​Doc Custoza there is theamphitheater kind of fluffy fabric of the area, characterized by a dense series of elongated hills, arranged in a concentric and mainly gentle pattern. The mixture of clay and gravel guarantees drainage and avoids water stagnation. The predominantly calcareous composition of the soil brings to the grapes all their typical mineral composition and unquestionably characterizes the wines, which are therefore endowed with exceptional purity.

Custoza Doc wine is the biggest event of these places.  Travel to the lands of Custoza to discover unique wine

Custoza Doc wine is the biggest event of these places

Then there is the unique microclimate of this area, tempered by hot summers and rather cold winters, contaminated by Garda influences and Monte Baldo breezes that make Custoza wines special. Continuous aeration allows the grapes to always remain healthy and dry, while temperature fluctuations allow full ripening, leading to optimal levels of acidity valuesnecessary to bring to Custoza its typical freshness and wonderful aromas.

A paradise for wine tourists Travel to the lands of Koustoza to discover unique wine

A paradise for wine tourists

La Doc: more than 50 years Custoza

Doc Custoza was officially recognized in 1971. At the forefront of obtaining the Designation of Controlled Origin were the producers who, determined and convinced, established the Consortium the following year. In fact, in 1972 the Consorzio Tutela Vino Custoza Doc was born. Today the president is Roberta Bricolo, accompanied by vice-presidents Alessandro Pignatti and Alberto Marchisio. Constant attention is paid to the production of Custoza wine with attention to the environment. All for the protection of the territory, the intrinsic value of the name is recognized. Extensive experience and tradition allows winemakers to identify the most appropriate processes for the production of high quality grapes and to be able to take advantage of the ideal time for harvesting, thus enhancing the typical elements resulting from the interaction between vine, hill soil and microclimate.

The Terre del Custoza, a treasure to be discovered

Close to great tourist destinations such as Lake Garda and the city of Verona, the Terre del Custoza is still, unexpectedly, little known and for this reason retains the authenticity and charm of places that have not yet been discovered. naturalistic and historical paths develop silently, skillfully integrated into the beauty of nature. The breathtaking view and the unexpected view envelop those who dare outside for a ride, bike or horse ride. Rivers, mills, castles, villas and popular museums are waiting for you to discover. Wineries, traditional restaurants and agritourism host with passion and courtesy, making guests rediscover the pleasure of a typical, warm and authentic family welcome. The gastronomic tradition of the area treats the fans and creates a perfect combination with the Custoza wine. Wine tourism and rural tourism surprise with picnics, tastings and experiences that hardly make you want to return to these places.

An area rich in history and traditions Travel to the lands of Koustoza to discover unique wine

An area rich in history and traditions

Aromatic and structured wine

As in the vineyard, even in the cellar the grapes are processed with great care, to allow the wines to express their full potential in aromas and structure. Custoza is a blend of native grapes, a uniqueness that expresses a delicate, floral and fruity aroma with slightly aromatic notes, characterized by a strong earthy hue, easily recognizable for its freshness, hardness and drinkability. Custoza Doc also has significant longevity potential and lends itself to good aging: over time, in fact, the mineral characteristics typical of moraine soils that distinguish the production area emerge. Aromatic and structured wine.

Production only in hilly and foothills

But what does the disciplinary custoza Doc say? First of all, this wine can only be produced from grapes from vineyards on hills and foothills exposed mainly to the south, southwest. Custoza is a blend of native grapes. Here’s the origin of its uniqueness. according to the disciplinary, Custoza Doc is obtained from at least 70% of the territory three symbolic vines: Garganega, Trebbianello (local biotype of Friulian Tocai, found in Veneto and Friuli according to Dalmasso, as early as the eighteenth century and corresponding to the French Sauvignonasse) and the Bianca Fernanda (local Cortese clone) which together with Trebbiano must, in order to be regulated, constitute at least 70% of the wine. The production discipline also provides for the possibility of using some white grapes that have historically existed in the territory, up to 30%.

The power of Custoza lies in its harmony between different vineyards Travel to the lands of Custoza to discover a unique wine

The strength of Custoza lies in its harmony between different grape varieties

Custoza Doc, the eclectic

Custoza Doc wine is an “eclectic” wine, versatile, fresh and fruity at a young age, but capable of evolving over time. It has a straw yellow color and a wine, fruity and slightly aromatic aroma. In the mouth it releases an intense bitterness accompanied by soft and delicate notes.

Custoza Superiore Doc, the seductive

Custoza Superiore Doc is obtained from selected vineyards, with lower yields. Before being placed on the market, Custoza Superiore Doc must undergo a maturation period of at least five months from 1 November of the year of harvest. It is an elegant and complex white, suitable to last in time. Its time allows it to evolve, fully expressing its mineral notes. At first glance it has a wicker color, with a tendency to golden yellow after aging while the nose is pleasant and slightly aromatic. In the mouth it releases a soft, harmonious, full and persistent taste.

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