Cash deposit limit: what you need to know

The motto is: no cash (less cash). Less cash in circulation. But in Italy, a country where money laundering is so prevalent, are we ready? Here’s what you need to know about the cash deposit limit. The password is: without cash (less cash). Less cash in circulation. But in Italy, a country where money laundering … Read more

For the “retraining” of rivers of money, for the renewal of the contract contact the MEF

Minister Bianchi speaks toAspen Institute (from the institution’s website: “The Aspen Institute was born in the United States in 1950 at the initiative of a group of American intellectuals and businessmen convinced of the need to resume dialogue, knowledge and humanitarian values. [sic] in a complex and evolving international geopolitical reality (…). In Italy the … Read more

Russia, bankruptcy is near: sanctions block payments on dollar and euro bonds. “Symbolic, but it is a ‘brand’ for the future”

MILAN – As the German G7 discusses how to step up sanctions against Putin’s Russia by squeezing its ability to sell gold and a price cap on oil prices, Moscow is slipping into technical debt default. Sunday’s deadline, in fact, marks the end of a one-month grace period of $ 100 million in interest on … Read more

Russia will win the war

“A report by the European Court of Auditors last year on research into Ukraine’s politics and governance shows that it is the most corrupt country in Europe and in the world. It is run by oligarchs who are billionaires who got rich in the 1990s by appropriating the country’s companies and raw materials. This is … Read more

Sexual acts with a minor, is pedophilia allowed by law? • Imola Today

Pedophilia is allowed by law. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” Judge for good people, you parents, you women and healthy men. Ratio Legis With the reform of the sexual criminal issue, the legislator recognized as autonomous the case of sexual acts with a minor, which was previously considered an aggravating circumstance of the … Read more

How can emotions make a community prosperous?

Listen to the audio version of the article Human cooperation is a huge challenge. It has implications for the political, social and economic spheres. Peace, prosperity, the quality of democratic institutions, the protection of the environment and many other advantages that we can not do without and from which, increasingly radically, stem from the ability … Read more

Afghanistan after the earthquake – WeekNews

Emanuele Giordana, one of the founding members of the journalists’ association Letter 22is currently working on a publication Atlas of World Wars and Conflicts and for its daily website He writes specifically about the crises in Myanmar and Afghanistan, about which he has known for years. He collaborated for a long time with RAI, … Read more

because Germany is in great danger

There Germanythe largest European economy, faces a unprecedented energy crisis in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What started out as a vague premonition about reducing his supplies gas Russian is now a reality. After President Vladimir Putin reduced the flow of main connections to Europe by 60%, experts from German Chancellor Olaf … Read more