Industry 4.0 and smart construction: this is how a Lighthouse Plant works

Connected factories, smart construction, digital transformation to an industry 4.0. is what characterizes her Lighthouse plantreference models for all target companies Digital Transformation. There are three very interesting examples in Italy. ABB factories in Dalmine, Frosinone and Santa Palomba: three lighthouse plants, in fact, selected by Smart Factory Cluster on behalf of the Ministry of … Read more

What kind of star is it ?! The algorithm tells you

Researchers from the National Institute of Astrophysics Andrea De Luca (left) and Ruben Salvaterra (right). Contributors: A. De Luca, R. Salvaterra (Inaf) Astronomical data files are getting bigger and richer in information. The traditional approach to data analysis and visual inspection of sources is no longer sufficient to search for strange objects or to select … Read more

How artificial intelligence can promote diversity, equality and inclusion

As artificial intelligence (AI) makes its way into businesses, users who have found the most success with this technology take a holistic approach to artificial intelligence, according to PwC’s AI Business Survey 2022 survey. It consists of 36% of respondents, they “AI Leader”as defined by the PwC, use artificial intelligence to simultaneously drive business transformation, … Read more

Computer photography is no longer exclusive to the Big smartphone

Listen to the audio version of the article Very high quality shots, at least in terms of sharpness, without necessarily being (or becoming) an expert in photography. Leaving aside the composition or expressiveness of the image, there are smartphones that have such technical requirements that they can completely replace a compact camera and offer functionality … Read more

The study, artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy

Rome, June 14 (Adnkronos Health) – Diabetic retinopathy is a major complication of diabetes, affecting 30% of people with the disease and, if not diagnosed early, can cause serious damage to vision, including blindness. . Fortunately, artificial intelligence allows for rapid screening, identifying patients who need timely in-depth examination by an ophthalmologist. The confirmation comes … Read more

Algorithm instead of judges? Artificial intelligence speeds up processes but should not replace the individual – Time

Cosimo Fabrizio Dell’Aria June 19, 2022 “I’m innocent. I hope from the bottom of my heart you are too. a statement that implied a heartfelt desire for fair justice.What, on the other hand, will artificial intelligence (AI) bring to the courtroom in a few years? Will it still be possible for judges to understand Defendant’s … Read more

“Non-artificial intelligence”, when technological education becomes artistic

The Artificial intelligence vet is a book created for educational purposes, but paradoxically when reading it causes its spectrum damnatio ad bestias – the bloodiest death penalty in ancient Rome. Obviously, today there is no real risk of feeding lions or tigers, standing in front of a computer or hacking a smartphone, but some algorithms … Read more

Brindisi Airport, Emiliano at the inauguration of the first remote control tower: “The human capital used here will make a quality leap” – PRESS REGIONE

The President of the Region of Puglia, Michele Emilianoparticipated this morning in the inauguration of the first remote control tower in Italy, in the presence of, inter alia, the Enrico GiovanniMinister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Alessandro Delli Nociregional economic development consultant, Riccardo Rossimayor of Brindisi, Pierluigi Di PalmaPresident of ENAC, e Antonio Maria VassilePresident … Read more