How to be the preventive company that your client is waiting for – CMI Magazine

In 2019, the87% Customers interviewed by Frost & Sullivan in a customer service survey said they positively evaluate any company that can prove foresight in relationships, anticipating needs and solving problems before they are even perceived. It’s been three years, but the preference for these companies insightful has not been scratched in the slightest, on … Read more

Engineering degree: career opportunities. What are the employment prospects?

Degree in Engineering What are the career opportunities for an Engineering degree? – Source: getty-pictures There engineering degree has always been considered one of the most “professional” degrees from a professional point of view. In short, earning an engineering degree means quickly placing yourself in the world of work and doing so in very different … Read more

Artificial intelligence will be independent of man: what regulatory challenges

Regulatory experimentation sites of the proposed EU regulation on artificial intelligence – in particular articles 53 and 54 – give Member States the function of controlling artificial intelligence systems born in digital environments based on web 2.0 technologies. Within these spaces, in the present, man is in the company of general algorithms and still manages … Read more

Data-driven culture: how to describe the solutions?

Although data-driven companies have been discussed for more than a decade, there are not many realities that, in 2022, we can say are are really based on data. Recent research highlights not only limited rates (26.5%, according to a study cited by the Harvard Business Review), but above all low penetration of data-based decisions at … Read more

Artificial intelligence to support diagnosis and analysis

Use natural language processing using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to extract from unstructured medical records (written in free text) as reliable as those from manual scanning to confirm the diagnosis of rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis and to conduct more detailed analyzes on the use of the drugs used. This was done in a multi-faceted and … Read more

Vibram invests in the cloud and focuses on artificial intelligence

To expand your business and avoid barriers to accessing the latest and greatest technologies, the choice fell on Microsoft cloud Business continuitygreater stability, the certainty of a stable IT database ready to support the next developments in data work and implementationArtificial Intelligence: these are the reasons that led Vibram to choose Microsoft Azure and its … Read more