Applications as a profession: with the Apple ecosystem 85,000 jobs in Italy

Who are the developers who have almost produced two million apps for Apple stores and made $ 260 billion since 2008, when the store Steve Jobs wanted for the iPhone was born? Today they exist 1.8 billion active Apple devices worldwide which, according to an independent study conducted by Analysis Group on behalf of Apple, … Read more

Alexa will speak with the voice of the dead

If Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, is able to listen and speak the praise is largely his own. And Prem Natarajan, an Indian scientist on loan at the company, has a goal: democratization of artificial intelligence. Starting with a very simple idea: let the users themselves learn new things. Alexa is one of Amazon’s most successful … Read more

Leica M11, proof of the young lady in the photo

Leica, a German manufacturer of high-tech cameras, has been selling its famous M series for almost seventy years: it is the distance cameras that have made the history of reportage, street photography and have in turn become a symbol of style and design. During the twentieth century, photography was the main tool for narrating events … Read more

Apple Car: Does Apple’s car of the future start with software?

Maybe therecar from Applethe self-driving electric vehicle, the Titan project in which Apple is said to stand has been working for almost fifteen years now (to be exact since 2008) turns into something else: operating system The Apple Car has evolved into the car of the future, in a hybrid world between proprietary vehicles and … Read more

Disability Day: Apple introduces news about its systems

World Accessibility Awareness Day came about by chance: a post was written by Los Angeles developer Joe Devon in November 2011, he continued by a lucky combination of a professional from Toronto, Jennison Asuncion, led to the idea of ​​creating a “special” day to raise awareness on the issue of digital accessibility. Nearly one billion … Read more