The story of Annie Oakley: the legendary woman with the shotgun

Annie has said many times about her first hunting experience, and although some details have changed in different versions over the years – such as the species being her first prey – there is no difference in one thing: she killed him with one shot. . “I do not know where this ability comes from,” … Read more

Weapons, Europe invests almost one billion in those of the future

Then there are 25 million euros for automatic image resolution, with algorithms dedicated to the identification of new weapons systems, distributed processing, on sensors, to reduce the flow of information and common databases for the training of artificial intelligence. In the absence of images representing future threats, the Union accepts its use “hybrid or synthetic … Read more

The Ovalde massacre in Texas, a journey into the minds of pro-guns: “Are guns to blame? No, on the contrary, let us give them to the teachers “

Sandy Hook in Connecticut, Parkland in Florida, Santa Fe in Texas, Roseburg in Oregon. And before that, to mention only the bloodiest massacres, Columbine and Virginia Tech. In America it is getting bigger therea community of those who have lost children, siblings, grandchildren, friends, victims of school shootings. Last Tuesday, in Texas, at Robb Elementary … Read more