Andrea and Daniela, in Australia with “Earth to be” for the protection of biodiversity

Andrea Aromatisi and Daniela Scaccabarozziand companions in life, arrived inside for the first time Australia in 2012 for the honeymoon. from that moment they fell in love with what they call “a wonderful country” and have never left. He is an environmental educator, she is a biologist and researcher at the university, she studies native … Read more

World Bee Day, Colussi kicks off again with Casa dei Fiori

On the occasion of the event dedicated to bees on May 20, the historical brand proposes an ancient idea that looks to the future through the commitment to sustainability to deal with the severe crisis of the economy and especially agriculture. Milan, Bologna and Rome are the cities selected for the project Respect nature and … Read more

Journey to the bee kingdom for World Bee Day – Escape

REGGIO EMILIA – “World Bee Day” is celebrated on May 20, organized by the United Nations to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting environmental champions, precious insects that provide food, biodiversity and honey. By flying over flowers, bees guarantee about 75 percent of world food production and the future of the planet. However, … Read more