From Perceptron to Google: Whenever we thought an AI was sensitive

“This machine will be the first device to think like the human brain,” representing the embryo of a computer believed to be will be able to speak, walk, see, write, reproduce and be aware of its existence “. In addition, more advanced models will be able to “recognize people, call them by name and translate … Read more

MacBook Pro 2022: how to build and how to make the first Apple laptop with M2 chip

The 13-inch MacBook Pro was among the first Macs with an M1 processor and is the first with the M2 chip. Among Apple products can also boast of another strange feature: it is the only one that remains unchanged for 6 years. The current model, which will go on sale on June 24, is identical … Read more

What if an artificial intelligence were really felt? :: Blog on Today

Share Blake Lamoine is sure: Google’s AI for language analysis, LaMDA, has now gone beyond a simple computer program, developing a sensible mind and self-awareness. The Mountain View engineer believes in this to the point of betting everything (currently suspended by the company) and it does not matter if any of the artificial intelligence experts … Read more

Because the charger is a smaller revolution than it looks

All electronic gadgets should have Usb-C sockets for charging. Behind the EU decision lies the desire to reduce financial waste (approx 250 million euros a year for new battery chargers) and the environmental impact (estimated at a thousand tons of e-waste less each year). The only charger, however, will be a revolution more in words … Read more

Apple unveils new MacBook Pro. Market leader, advanced monitors and graphics revolution

“UNLEASHED”, or “unleashed”, with this word Apple titles the event of October 2021. After the classic September appointment with the iPhone, Apple chooses October 18 to unveil the new generation of Mac computers, in a market that has seen Apple grow significantly year by year. And after the established days of recent times, even “Unleashed” … Read more

Is it possible to fall in love with an artificial intelligence?

There is a passage of it But do android electric sheep dream?the book by Philip K. Dick that inspired Blade Runner, in which Rachel, the protagonist of the robot Rick Deckard has an affair, thinks that she is android. It digs into itself, into self-knowledge, into this consciousness that, for cultural and technological reasons, makes … Read more