Letter to cyber defense: “To understand the Russian strategy, it is enough to know the history of the T-14 Armata tank”

Good morning. I always read with pleasure, Online Defense. I take the courage to make a very small contribution, I hope it is helpful. As of February 24, all the media are talking about Ukraine, Russia and military operations. The traditional newspapers, as well as all the Talk Shows, are flooded with thousands and thousands … Read more

Metaverse, society and cyber security – Internet defense

I have been thinking of writing something about this for a long time. As I thought, time has passed and the web has now reached version 3. and will soon change to 4.0. Among the innovations of web 3.0 you can include anything that has to do with “Metaverse”. Some time ago Federica Maria Rita … Read more

The new digital revolution, deep learning

Recognize a photo, a song, a user’s habit. With artificial intelligence it is already possible. But why is it important and how does it affect our lifestyle? Before answering this question, we must take a step back to explain the difference Artificial Intelligence (IN THE), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), terms that are … Read more

ALAMEDA: Artificial Intelligence for the treatment of brain disorders

Providing personalized care and better treatments to patients with severe brain disorders by reducing the cost of treatment through the use of artificial intelligence: this is the ambitious goal of the European Commission-funded ALAMEDA project (www.alamedaproject.eu) of the HORIZON 2020 program1. The three-year project started on January 1, 2021 and will be completed on December … Read more