Declining forest resilience worldwide

Forests play a fundamental role in life on the planet and provide many important ecosystem services. In some areas, including Europe, their extent has also increased over the past thirty years or so. But what if, in the meantime, forests had also become more fragile? This is a recently published article Nature: analyzing the last … Read more

Plastic, robotic ships in action in Southeast Asia

The global map of innovation is constantly changing. And within that, more and more areas of Asia must be circled in red. Southeast Asia including a strongly and rapidly developing area. The region’s technological progress has kept pace with the exponential growth of its middle class, achieved in recent years. Within this reasoning, a special … Read more

Technology, innovation, environment and wine: a journey to the Conte Vistarino cellars in Oltrepo Pavese

Sky TG24 Journey to Conte Vistarino in Oltrepo Pavese, which has always been synonymous with a technologically advanced and “enlightened” winery. Thus, through technologies in the vineyard and in the cellar, the quality of the wine is respected, the work of man is helped and one becomes more sustainable After visiting Caviro, one of the … Read more

Environment-culture-events- 22/06/2022 – Time of Creation 2022

Time of Creation 2022 – The intervention of Maurizio Bolognetti 22/06/2022 According to the NEV Agency, the Globalization and Environment Committee (GLAM) dossier of the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy (FCEI) for the Time of Creation in 2022 has been online for a few hours now. Title: “Empathy. Listening, doubt, mercy “. “The document … Read more

In Pesaro the fifth edition of Ulissefest, the big travel party

Never Tony Wheeler and his wife Maureen decided to go to Australia from London following the “hippie route” via Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Southeast Asia, they could think of anything but to become, thanks to this trip, the best authors of guides known tourist destinations in the world. Fifty years have passed – it … Read more

Welcome to the “Green Village”, behind the scenes of Elisa’s ecological tour

In Elisa’s new tour, the example that combines live events and environmental sustainability seems to be overturned, in a dimension in which the green side is an integral part of the concert and goes hand in hand with social participation. The starting point for the artist is his appointment by the United Nations as Advocate … Read more

In a persistent and opposite direction. Along the Costa dei Gelsomini, a hospital for sea turtles

In its nearly 17 years of operation, the non-profit Blue Conservancy has rescued, cared for and returned hundreds of Caretta caretta turtles to the sea, making a valuable contribution to the protection of an endangered species on the red list. The nonprofit manages the Brancaleone Sea Turtle Recovery Center along the Ionian-south coast of Calabria, … Read more

Asl Novara participates in World No Smoking Day –

The World Health Organization’s 2022 Anti-Smoking Campaign’s motto is “Tobacco: a threat to our environment”. In fact, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the environmental impact of tobacco, from cultivation, production, distribution and waste, to give tobacco consumers one more reason to quit smoking. ASL Novara celebrates World No Tobacco Day, a public meeting … Read more