the five days of Agrogepaciok

The biggest – and most attractive – exhibition southern Italian professional devoted to food & drink, recognized this year among others as an international exhibition by the Region. And it takes place on Leche Exhibitions, in Piazza Palio: unmistakable name, Agrogepaciokan acronym that stands for a world of things that will leave even the most … Read more

At Forte Village even taste goes on the road

21 restaurants and 18 bars, 500 thousand meals served, 12 thousand bottles leaf out more than 5 thousand bubbles per season. These are the numbers of Forte Village, an award-winning accommodation in Sardinia 22 times as the best in the world. We are in the south of Sardinia, a kind of destination within a destination, … Read more

Home cooking Unesco Heritage: the proposal of the Italian Federation of Chefs

largeItaly of taste tries again. After espresso coffee was nominated, it was subsequently rejected in favor of “Italian art of opera“, this time it’s up Italian home cooking to be promoted to become Unesco Intangible Heritage. To promote this initiative, supporting various politicians, among them Stefano Pisanirepresentative of the emblematic community of the Mediterranean Diet … Read more

Paolini’s last binge, a journey through the world’s foods

DO.I admit I ate: is his most recent book Davide Paolini that he has chosen At the traffic light to Fanos (An) to present it. Flavio Cerioni welcomes the numerous guests with a broad smile. I am happy to have for one evening my friend Davide Paolini, accomplice in many cultural and culinary societies, sitting … Read more

Navdanya: “Dietary sovereignty and agroecology must be supported”

“The G7 should stop promoting a food system that creates hunger and malnutrition and supports movements for food sovereignty and agri-ecology,” said a statement from Navdanya International, led by Vandana Shiva. “According to the FAO the World Bank and the International Team of Sustainable Food Systems Experts (IPES) at present there is no risk of … Read more