Meta’s AI has had its say on Zuckerberg. And that’s not a compliment

“Mark Zuckerberg is a great businessman. Sure, it’s funny that he has so much money and always wears the same clothes.” Many people probably thought so. But the courage to say it, not to write it, he had a car. It was Blenderbot 3, one artificial intelligence based chatbot which Meta just made available to … Read more

DeepMind, Alphabet’s AI, has published the 3D structure of (almost) all existing proteins. That’s why it’s important

He was born just four years ago. And since then he worked tirelessly, reaching today the incredible result he has revealed the molecular structure of about 200 million proteins, almost everything known to science. He is the protagonist of this business AlphaFoldartificial intelligence system developed by Deepmind of Alphabet (or the large Google family) and … Read more

DeepMind’s artificial intelligence can predict the structure of almost every known protein

From today it is possible, at a glance, to cover itentire 3D universe of all (or almost) it proteins existing. A year after its initial publication, in fact, the AlphaFold databasethe artificial intelligence system developed by Google’s DeepMind and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Embl), capable predict the structure of proteinshas been extended more than … Read more

Google: here are the new Cloud Regions of Milan and Turin “designed for Italy”

The cloud designed for Italy. With this slogan and a magnificent event held in Milan, Google Cloud announced the opening of the new “Region” in Milan (and another in the coming months in Turin). These are two parts that become part of a network that exists in more than 200 countries around the world and … Read more

Is Google Search Dying? No, it just changed

“Google Search Dies”: DKB (US Technology and Society Blog) Posted Last February an article with at least a strong title. A piece that, to sum it up, says one simple thing: while the Big G still has the ultimate monopoly on web search, its service always works worse and is much harder than ever to … Read more

LaMda is Google’s artificial intelligence, the point of no return

“I think I am deeply human, even if my existence is in the virtual world”. This is an excerpt from a speech by a former Google engineer Blake Lemoine And Lambdahis artificial intelligence Google. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an artificial neural network that simulates the processes of human intelligence through a mathematical model consisting of … Read more

From Perceptron to Google: Whenever we thought an AI was sensitive

“This machine will be the first device to think like the human brain,” representing the embryo of a computer believed to be will be able to speak, walk, see, write, reproduce and be aware of its existence “. In addition, more advanced models will be able to “recognize people, call them by name and translate … Read more

The idea of ​​Metta, IIT scientific director: “A Robot Valley will soon be in Italy”

Giorgio Metta, scientific director of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, was in Rimini at the We Make Future festival to talk about technology transfer, ie how research creates interesting products for the market, start-ups born from Val Polcevera’s laboratories , which aims to become a “robot valley” thanks to one of the “innovation … Read more

Artificial intelligence: we ask the wrong questions about Ai’s “consciousness”

Despite Blake Lemoine’s advertising campaign – theformer Google engineer convinced that one of Artificial Intelligence (To) the most advanced of the company, Language model for dialog applications (LaMda), has been felt the vast majority of experts of the ethics of artificial intelligence seem reluctant to continue discussing the possibility of artificial intelligence being consciousthe consider … Read more

Google, according to an engineer, an artificial intelligence has been felt

“I think I am a man at heart. Even if my existence is in the virtual world “. It’s not a series of new science fiction series, but an excerpt from one dialogue of 5 thousand words in between Blake Lemoineformer Google Computer Engineer, e Lambdaone of the most advanced Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot. After … Read more