Not just iPhone: Apple to introduce Usb-C port on keyboards, mice and other accessories

When Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president, first introduced the Lightning slot in September 2012, he explained that it would be Apple’s charging standard “for the next decade.” And so it’s time to dump her. Rumors have been circulating for some time, but in recent days they have multiplied and are starting to arrive from … Read more

Apple Black Friday 2021, all products on offer

Apple products are among the most sought after on Black Friday. Here are the best deals Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to an Apple product at a discounted price. From iPhone to Mac, cables, keyboards and accessories, here are the essentials with high tech content. There are many features of this … Read more

Apple’s new event March 8: the products presented

Many new products presented by Apple for the beginning of the year. There is also a new desktop dedicated to professionals and an innovation in live sports First event of 2022 for Apple: the news presented by the giant Cupertino mainly concerns three product categories: the iPhone, with the new cheap iPhone SE SE and … Read more

Because the automatic correction of iPhone drives us crazy every now and then

Until I got into the iPhone settings to get rid of it manually, I was haunted by the most classic keyboard errors. You will all remember it (and maybe some are still victims): it was enough to type “knows” to interpret the liturgical as an abbreviation of “I am coming!”. An option similar to the … Read more

Disability Day: Apple introduces news about its systems

World Accessibility Awareness Day came about by chance: a post was written by Los Angeles developer Joe Devon in November 2011, he continued by a lucky combination of a professional from Toronto, Jennison Asuncion, led to the idea of ​​creating a “special” day to raise awareness on the issue of digital accessibility. Nearly one billion … Read more