Santa Fizzarotti Selvaggi (interview): “I will tell you the story of Palazzo Fizzarotti, a treasure trove of knowledge and my family”

EDITORIAL COMMITTEE – You often write in our newspaper and we notice more and more that there is talk of Palazzo Fizzarotti and its grandeur. What is your relationship with Emanuele Fizzarotti? My paternal grandfather named Raffaele and Emanuele were brothers and my father was the one who cared for and kept the family traditions … Read more

walking is done first

In each step a construction site. The foot is alert on the brake pedal, the eyes are fixed Roadto follow the bus of cars, of course, but also before that of the signs that follow each other that announce works of all kinds: reconstruction of the asphalt, design of the road construction, replacement of the … Read more

Camilla Gurgone – environmental facility at Casa Kunstschau Eventi in Lecce

LECCE – Saturday 11 June 2022, at 7.00 pm, the Kunstschau_Contemporary Place in Lecce, inaugurates the Pizzeria casa Kunstschau exhibition, an environmental facility by Camilla Gurgone (Lucca, 1997), winner of the first edition of Kocca – Ca. Kunstschau. For the white cube in via Toma, Gurgone proposes an unprecedented intervention in his “Full Time Jobs” … Read more

Time travel and beauty at the Patria Palace in Lecce

largeelegant and proud image of Patria Palace was born in the 18th century, when the Marquises of Anna Petrarolo chose the center of Lecce and the style of Mauro Manieri., among the architects who contributed to some of the most beautiful Baroque works in Puglia, to build their mansion. This is where the palace was … Read more

Lecce 21st edition of the International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing Events in Lecce

LECCE – Seventeen workshops, eleven seminars, four keynote speeches, presentation of approximately 150 works and other special events with more than 400 professors, researchers and researchers from or affiliated around the world: Monday 23 to Friday 27 May the twenty-first edition of ICIAP – International conference on image analysis and processing. The Palmieri Boarding School … Read more