From EcorNaturaSì 10 million bond loan to support organic agriculture. The investment will be rewarded in shopping vouchers

“Wheat, fruit, vegetables are raw materials that we took for granted but whose supply, today, is being challenged by a serious international and climate crisis. Therefore, thinking about agriculture today means engaging in a production model that empowers fertile land, farmers and small supply chains. From this case, EcorNaturaSì’s innovative bio project was born: the … Read more

Navdanya: “Dietary sovereignty and agroecology must be supported”

“The G7 should stop promoting a food system that creates hunger and malnutrition and supports movements for food sovereignty and agri-ecology,” said a statement from Navdanya International, led by Vandana Shiva. “According to the FAO the World Bank and the International Team of Sustainable Food Systems Experts (IPES) at present there is no risk of … Read more

Andrea and Daniela, in Australia with “Earth to be” for the protection of biodiversity

Andrea Aromatisi and Daniela Scaccabarozziand companions in life, arrived inside for the first time Australia in 2012 for the honeymoon. from that moment they fell in love with what they call “a wonderful country” and have never left. He is an environmental educator, she is a biologist and researcher at the university, she studies native … Read more

India: when travel becomes sustainable

A trip to distant destinations, allowing you to get to know other cultures, is something that attracts many of us or at least something we have thought about at least once. And even in these cases it is possible to plan options (also starting with the visa required to land in the destination country) and … Read more

Move to “heal” the planet

Local communities, civic groups helping and collaborating, civil society organizations working to spread good sustainability practices, eco-villages, farmers’ markets and many other citizens looking to the present and the future to overcome outraged consumerism and “displacement” »Production, consumption and relations: there is all this fermentation, in our country but not only, and it has been … Read more