Il Vescovado – Locks himself in the house and turns on the gas while his partner sleeps, man arrested at night in Tramonti

Il Vescovado – Locks himself in the house and opens petrol while his partner sleeps, man arrested at night in Tramonti This website or the third-party tools used by it make use of cookies necessary for its operation and useful for the purposes described in the cookies policy. If you want to know more or … Read more

The summer sales start on Saturday: an expected expenditure of 200 euros per family

Want to advertise on this site? During the pandemic E-commerce has developed dramatically, we were confined to the house and there was no other way. Now that we’ve regained our freedom (though certainly the transmission numbers call for us to take the utmost precaution), it’s time enough to return to physical markets, if we may … Read more

BMW maxi enduro, crossover and roadster for 2023 – News

We narrow down the field to BMW’s new maxi enduro, crossover and roadster. From the R1250GS to the “F” family, from the S1000XR to the little G310s that run through the naked July 1, 2022 TOAlong with the touring and heritage range, the maxi enduro and roadster models represent the heart of BMW production in … Read more

More than 1 in 3 grandparents helps the family budgets

seniors © AndriaLive The elderly are increasing in Puglia more than in the rest of Italy, with grandparents helping with the household budget in more than one in three families in a trend accentuated by the crisis triggered by the pandemic and the impoverishment of families by inflationary effects caused by the conflict in Ukraine, … Read more

See how much it costs to rent a house in Trapani

Prices for renting a property in the province of Trapani have increased. The pandemic has accelerated the rise in prices. In the province of Trapani, a house for rent per month currently costs 5.45 euros per square meter. Finding houses to rent in Italy and especially in some provinces can be really difficult. The price … Read more

At the Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano, place the Aperti per Voi in Milan, an exhibition by Roberto Crippa

To be continued the series of exhibitions “See up close” organized by Boschi Di Stefano House Museum in Milanone of the places where Touring volunteer members welcome tourists and citizens as part of the initiative It opened for you. Until September 11 on the premises of the former School of Ceramics on the ground floor … Read more

My dog ​​disappeared from Instagram: “This is not the minimum age to be on social media”

Who remembers poor Boo, the sweetest Pomeranian who died in 2019 at the age of 12 and managed to gather 500,000 followers on Instagram and 16 million on Facebook? Maybe a few. However, Meta’s social network is still chuck full of pet profiles, cats and dogs above all. An old 2017 survey reported that more … Read more

The presentation of the book “Mateo goes to war” continues: today at Sant’Agata Militello, tomorrow in Palermo

Contina the presentation tour of the new book by the author and journalist Giacomo Di Girolamo: “Mateo goes to war. The mafia and the massacres of ’92 how it all starts” (Zolfo Editore). Today, Wednesday, June 29, at 6:30 p.m. , the Officina Democratica di Sant’Agata di Militello, in collaboration with the Library of Moscow … Read more