Around every corner is another: look for it!

LIVALKA – For days now I have been experiencing an inexplicable malaise because I thought I had responded to a dear friend’s request to review one of the many books out today and instead “seems” to have violated who knows what rights by not writing for them with enthusiasm (on this point Gervaso was right: … Read more

Maddaloni, marriage between athletes, Marzaioli and Sferragatta: yes in the afternoon

MADDALONI (Caserta) – In the afternoon in the wonderful and beautiful church of SS. Annunziata di Maddaloni, the rector, Father Leonardo Cuccurullo, will welcome two young people who, before God and the Church, intend to seal their love with marriage. So far nothing surprising, except for the fact that marriages are becoming less frequent, but … Read more

Santa Fizzarotti Selvaggi (interview): “I will tell you the story of Palazzo Fizzarotti, a treasure trove of knowledge and my family”

EDITORIAL COMMITTEE – You often write in our newspaper and we notice more and more that there is talk of Palazzo Fizzarotti and its grandeur. What is your relationship with Emanuele Fizzarotti? My paternal grandfather named Raffaele and Emanuele were brothers and my father was the one who cared for and kept the family traditions … Read more