Artemis, the return to the moon and Leonardo’s role in the space program

The best of the space industry are focused on the upcoming lunar missions. An ambitious plan is underway, developed by NASA in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), which, 50 years after Eugene Cernan’s last moon walk, will bring humanity back to set foot on our satellite. Starting with a female astronaut. Not surprisingly, … Read more

The new frontier of artificial intelligence for Earth observation. Leonardo, Telespazio and e-GEOS sign agreement with ESA’s Φ-lab

The collaboration between Leonardo, Telespazio (joint venture Leonardo 67%, Thales 33%) and e-GEOS (joint venture Telespazio 80%, Italian Space Agency 20%) and Φ-lab, the European Space Agency (ESA) research center dedicated to study of new technologies to accelerate Earth observation research strengthening Europe’s leadership in space. Leonardo, as part of the signed letter of intent, … Read more

Grandma on Alexa – Online Defense

I am personally fascinated by artificial intelligence, technology and how it is gradually but inevitably entering our lives in a pervasive way. Improving them, of course, sometimes in a very subversive way, such as … reviving feelings associated with people who are no longer there. In these cases, critical thinking is important: it is precisely … Read more