Martin Ford: the opposite, robots will save the world

Protein molecules are like origami to the nth degree. They can be folded in infinite ways and the shapes they take have important consequences. From the infamous spike that allows the Corona virus to infect so well, the malformations associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s. This is why the news dates from the end of … Read more

Plastic, robotic ships in action in Southeast Asia

The global map of innovation is constantly changing. And within that, more and more areas of Asia must be circled in red. Southeast Asia including a strongly and rapidly developing area. The region’s technological progress has kept pace with the exponential growth of its middle class, achieved in recent years. Within this reasoning, a special … Read more

From Perceptron to Google: Whenever we thought an AI was sensitive

“This machine will be the first device to think like the human brain,” representing the embryo of a computer believed to be will be able to speak, walk, see, write, reproduce and be aware of its existence “. In addition, more advanced models will be able to “recognize people, call them by name and translate … Read more

The idea of ​​Metta, IIT scientific director: “A Robot Valley will soon be in Italy”

Giorgio Metta, scientific director of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, was in Rimini at the We Make Future festival to talk about technology transfer, ie how research creates interesting products for the market, start-ups born from Val Polcevera’s laboratories , which aims to become a “robot valley” thanks to one of the “innovation … Read more

Artificial intelligence or automation? See how to recognize them

Artificial Intelligence (ΙΑ) can be defined as a system that learns from data how to perform operations, even if there are no set rules. There are two distinguishing factors: the need for data and the optional existence of rules. That’s enough to state it not everything is defined as an artificial intelligence system Really. Robotic … Read more

Weapons, Europe invests almost one billion in those of the future

Then there are 25 million euros for automatic image resolution, with algorithms dedicated to the identification of new weapons systems, distributed processing, on sensors, to reduce the flow of information and common databases for the training of artificial intelligence. In the absence of images representing future threats, the Union accepts its use “hybrid or synthetic … Read more

Sophia, iCub and Spot, who are and who are the three robot protagonists in WMF 2022

AGI – Humanoid Sophia and iCub and the Spot robot dog, three of the most advanced (and well-known) robots, will star together at Rimini’s June 16-18 WMF 2022 Innovation Festival (last year) welcomed 24 thousand people, 600 speakers, 500 exhibitors, 700 startups, 100 events). The three days will feel the pulse of new technologies: Artificial … Read more

Studies on limited artificial intelligence and the unknowns of general artificial intelligence

AI is among us: anyone with a smartphone uses it every day. However, there are aspects that are said badly, making the marginal results spectacular and do not give due weight to the efforts of researchers whose studies have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people. Interview The future that Annalisa Barla … Read more