Novara, the degree in Artificial Intelligence and digital innovation is born at Upo

September 1, 2022 will mark the start of registration for the 2022-2023 academic year, and Eastern Piedmont University is offering students a major upgrade to its educational offering. In fact, from September it will be possible to enroll in the new master’s program “Artificial intelligence and digital innovation”, a two-year specialization program aimed at the … Read more

Differentiated autonomy will hurt those who are already sick

On June 22 in via della Stamperia, seat of the Ministry of Regional Affairs, the final draft framework law for differentiated autonomy requested by Veneto was submitted to the table by Minister Maria Stella Gelmini in a referendum on October 22, 2017. Its governors the North Fontana sits: Attilio from Lombardy, Stefano Bonaccini from Emilia, … Read more

“From the Acropolis to the Greek Parliament: our journey to the beginnings of democracy”

“Our journey to Greece, to the roots of the first democracy in the world, is over, but this journey will continue: we will bring with us the desire to create a more democratic society in everyday choices, through a free and respectful use of the word and “a commitment to encourage everyone”. This is the … Read more

Large-scale distribution, stamps to give schools technologies and community-building initiatives and value for the area

MILAN – The Cremit of the Catholic University and his company loyalty marketing TCC presents investigation “Shopping in the community“, On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the campaigns for his school Coop, long S. And Conad. 160 million euros in more than 40,000 Italian schools. The focus on stamps to provide technologies to … Read more

Vacanze, the “technology camps” for young people who are fascinated by the digital world

Between social media and selfies, Italian boys spent on average 7 hours a day with the smartphone in your hands and in some cases, unfortunately, it would even be 13 hours: these are the data that emerged from theObservatory on the tendencies and behaviors of adolescents chaired by Maura Manca, psychotherapist and director of, … Read more

World Bee Day, Colussi kicks off again with Casa dei Fiori

On the occasion of the event dedicated to bees on May 20, the historical brand proposes an ancient idea that looks to the future through the commitment to sustainability to deal with the severe crisis of the economy and especially agriculture. Milan, Bologna and Rome are the cities selected for the project Respect nature and … Read more