DeepMind, Alphabet’s AI, has published the 3D structure of (almost) all existing proteins. That’s why it’s important

He was born just four years ago. And since then he worked tirelessly, reaching today the incredible result he has revealed the molecular structure of about 200 million proteins, almost everything known to science. He is the protagonist of this business AlphaFoldartificial intelligence system developed by Deepmind of Alphabet (or the large Google family) and … Read more

Space travel at the speed of light: “Infinity and beyond”, as Buzz Lightyear teaches us

“Now by introducing a charge, which would add electrical energy to the gravitational energy, we would overcome the problem and be able to push back. [all’altra estremità del wormhole]. Like a giant magnet, we would be attracted to the north pole and then repelled by the south pole. Only after we do that, we won’t … Read more