India: when travel becomes sustainable

A trip to distant destinations, allowing you to get to know other cultures, is something that attracts many of us or at least something we have thought about at least once. And even in these cases it is possible to plan options (also starting with the visa required to land in the destination country) and … Read more

Veneto Unesco Sites, Journey to Beauty – Veneto

by Ida Bini (ANSA) – ROVIGO, JUNE 08 – Water, land, rock, wind and the experienced hands of men and women have designed and created the beauty of 9 material sites, two biosphere reserves and an intangible site protected by Unesco The Veneto as a World Heritage Site. To discover them we start from Rovigo, … Read more

Resist travel souvenirs? It is impossible, the anthropologist explains why

Souvenir, anthropologist Duccio Canestrini investigates our attitude to bringing souvenirs home. To go without removing anything? Impossibility. Us predatory behavior it is cognitive and we do it by buying souvenirs, beautiful or ugly no matter, that make up our small home collections. Much more reason why the valuable finds of the nineteenth century, which were … Read more

Journey to the bee kingdom for World Bee Day – Escape

REGGIO EMILIA – “World Bee Day” is celebrated on May 20, organized by the United Nations to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting environmental champions, precious insects that provide food, biodiversity and honey. By flying over flowers, bees guarantee about 75 percent of world food production and the future of the planet. However, … Read more

San Girolamo, a neighborhood trip awaiting redemption

It is common for Bari people to talk about Fesca-Saint Jerome as if they were a single entity, as they have long been part of a single district that also includes the Marconi and San Cataldo areas. But despite the fact that it is unique on paper Neighborhoodbased on the now famous municipal council resolution … Read more

Hotel Santa Cristina, travel guide to Val Gardena: where to stay and what to see nearby

Category: The funniest places Published: April 24, 2022 Spending your holidays in Santa Cristina in Val Gardena, South Tyrol is the ideal proposition to have fun, increase your cultural background and gain experiences, but also to try yourself with adventurous paths. There is no shortage of things to see and do, as well as hiking … Read more