Pursuing sustainability with the opportunities of artificial intelligence

In this period, applied research in every industrial sector is mainly concerned with two topics: sustainability and artificial intelligence (AI). Regarding the latter, the interest includes the study of all electronic and computing advances towards a new Internet, towards the expansion and intensification of digitization, and finally towards the understanding of the metaverse and its … Read more

artificial intelligence and sustainable recovery

On July 19, the AI ​​Forum will once again be present at the Padova Fiere Convention Center. On July 19, at the Padova Fiere Convention Center, the AI ​​Forum is here again, an annual event for Italian companies with artificial intelligence, dedicated this year to sustainable recovery. The conference, which was designed and promoted by … Read more

In South Tyrol the matriarchy of Casa Walch

AndLena Waltz has always had his eye on perspective, it is no coincidence that he was born an architect. In 1988 he relocated everyone to the Alto Adige producing Chardonnay’s first vintage ‘Cardellino’ to make people forget about Schiava grapes and launch a new oenological course. “I have identified a widespread grape variety to ‘get’ … Read more

India: when travel becomes sustainable

A trip to distant destinations, allowing you to get to know other cultures, is something that attracts many of us or at least something we have thought about at least once. And even in these cases it is possible to plan options (also starting with the visa required to land in the destination country) and … Read more

Welcome to the “Green Village”, behind the scenes of Elisa’s ecological tour

In Elisa’s new tour, the example that combines live events and environmental sustainability seems to be overturned, in a dimension in which the green side is an integral part of the concert and goes hand in hand with social participation. The starting point for the artist is his appointment by the United Nations as Advocate … Read more

the “journey” of fiber optics continues on the streets of the city

Also this week there are numerous public works of the Municipality of Lecco. Therefore, the viability of the city will be affected by some of the changes listed below. via TUBI, section between via XI February and Ats pedestrian entrance, for crane dismantling from 7 to 18 on 7 June, introduction of a traffic ban, … Read more

World Bee Day, Colussi kicks off again with Casa dei Fiori

On the occasion of the event dedicated to bees on May 20, the historical brand proposes an ancient idea that looks to the future through the commitment to sustainability to deal with the severe crisis of the economy and especially agriculture. Milan, Bologna and Rome are the cities selected for the project Respect nature and … Read more