Mountains, rescue technologies

The mountain rescue technologies are evolving rapidly. In the droneswhich have already been used successfully for some time, new systems are being added capable improving the identification of missing, injured and dead persons during an avalanche, as in the case of the Marmolada tragedy. Many of these technologies, including e-mountain bikes and electric stretchers to … Read more

Matera is recruiting 5G for its future

There Matera Digital Week offers a full 5 day program (June 22-26) dedicated to technological transition in the Sausage capital, in which the keywords will be experimentation, applied research and scientific innovation. As part of the event, which is supported by Wiredwill be kept six thematic workshops with so much round tables in matters of … Read more

Weapons, Europe invests almost one billion in those of the future

Then there are 25 million euros for automatic image resolution, with algorithms dedicated to the identification of new weapons systems, distributed processing, on sensors, to reduce the flow of information and common databases for the training of artificial intelligence. In the absence of images representing future threats, the Union accepts its use “hybrid or synthetic … Read more