NASA and ESA respond to the Russian challenge

NASA has strongly criticized Russia for using the International Space Station (ISS) to promote its invasion of Ukraine, a break from the agency’s approach of emphasizing continued cooperation despite war. In a July 7 statement, NASA said “I strongly reprimand“Russia for political activity at station regarding ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. The brief statement did … Read more

Sister Anna, a Ukrainian Salesian, lets refugee children play in Poland

The story of a school camp for minors between the ages of 6 and 12, originally housed in a family home in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, now in a reception center in Garczyn. They only lived through the first days of the conflict – he explains – but have suffered various injuries over time. We prayed for … Read more

“Abracciaperte” was born in Campiglia –

The project “Abracciaperte” came to life in Campiglia Cervo, with the aim of welcoming a family of 4 from Kharchiv, Ukraine, born from the heart of a responsible community and with the support of the CRBiella Foundation, Domus Laetitiae, Consorzio Filo da Tessere, Sanctuary of San Giovanni d’Andorno, Municipality of Campiglia Cervo, and especially individuals … Read more

The Pope: the mutual blackmail of the powerful masks the cry for peace of the poor

In the Message for the International Day of the Poor, Francis returns to stigmatize the “tragedy” of the war in Ukraine: “A” superpower “intends to impose its will against the principle of self-determination of the peoples.” The appeal: “There is no rhetoric in front of the poor, one rolls up one’s sleeves”. The warning against … Read more

Ukraine inside or outside? Prospects after the trip Macron, Soltz and Draghi

Welcome to the State of the Union, I’m Stefan Grobe from Brussels. As the war of attrition continues in the east of the continent, the Ukrainian government made a rather worrying assessment this week. Western sanctions are not hurting the Russian economy as much as expected. Indeed, continued commodity revenues ensure that Russia’s finances remain … Read more

The Latin American economy is struggling with the effects of war

June 13, 2022 1:46 p.m. When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, it was not just the Ukrainians who suffered. Prices of wheat, oil and other commodities – which both countries produce in large quantities – have skyrocketed, causing serious suffering in countries that have no money and are dependent on imports. Some world leaders, however, … Read more

Weapons, Europe invests almost one billion in those of the future

Then there are 25 million euros for automatic image resolution, with algorithms dedicated to the identification of new weapons systems, distributed processing, on sensors, to reduce the flow of information and common databases for the training of artificial intelligence. In the absence of images representing future threats, the Union accepts its use “hybrid or synthetic … Read more

to stop it, it is necessary to overcome unanimity in the vote

In Brussels, in the buildings of EU power, the following are furious: “Orban is a blackmailer. And this problem must be solved because the war will be long and Europe can not be overwhelmed because of the no“. He succumbed to the Hungarian prime minister over the oil embargo with the exception of his country. … Read more

Progress MS-18 returns to the atmosphere

The Progress MS-18 (79P) spacecraft, which left the International Space Station on Wednesday after a 214-day stay, landed in the Pacific Ocean away from busy shipping lanes, the Russian space company Roscosmos said. At 14:11 Moscow time (11:11 UTC) on June 1, 2022, the spacecraft engine had started for four minutes to perform the braking … Read more