At Forte Village even taste goes on the road

21 restaurants and 18 bars, 500 thousand meals served, 12 thousand bottles leaf out more than 5 thousand bubbles per season. These are the numbers of Forte Village, an award-winning accommodation in Sardinia 22 times as the best in the world. We are in the south of Sardinia, a kind of destination within a destination, … Read more

Technology, innovation, environment and wine: a journey to the Conte Vistarino cellars in Oltrepo Pavese

Sky TG24 Journey to Conte Vistarino in Oltrepo Pavese, which has always been synonymous with a technologically advanced and “enlightened” winery. Thus, through technologies in the vineyard and in the cellar, the quality of the wine is respected, the work of man is helped and one becomes more sustainable After visiting Caviro, one of the … Read more

In South Tyrol the matriarchy of Casa Walch

AndLena Waltz has always had his eye on perspective, it is no coincidence that he was born an architect. In 1988 he relocated everyone to the Alto Adige producing Chardonnay’s first vintage ‘Cardellino’ to make people forget about Schiava grapes and launch a new oenological course. “I have identified a widespread grape variety to ‘get’ … Read more

Trip to the Bistrot in Forte dei Marmi, the heart of the Vaiani family’s taste

THEBistrot, Vaiani, was born in the 1990sbut the story of Piero Vaiani and his wife Nadia Viacava, parents of Marco and David of the current ownerswas born in the seventies at the Tre Stelle restaurant in the center of Forte dei Marmi. From a traditional trattoria Piero begins his story of excellent fish quality and … Read more

Travel to the lands of Koustoza to discover a unique wine

HEY.ici Custoza and think of many things. In the wars of independence of the Italian Risorgimento, in broccoli, in tortellini from Valeggio (Vr), in sfogliatine from Villafranca (Vr). But also -and mainly- in wine. Custoza is a country with gentle hills that connect beautiful Verona with Lake Gardaand includes the municipalities of Sommacampagna, Sona, Valeggio … Read more